GCEdit is a GameCube disk image editor for manipulating the GameCube filesystem like any other file manager. This is an early release, but long-term goals are:

Speed. Other GameCube tools tend to regenerate the entire disk for every change; in GCEdit, this is not the case: changes can take as little as a couple of seconds. Compression is done in-place, so no extra disk space or memory is required.

Usability. File management has undo and redo functionality, drag-and-drop to copy or move files, and a 'breadcrumb'-style address bar for easy browsing. All actions have keyboard shortcuts; these are consistent with other applications, and are remappable from within GCEdit. Operations that make changes to the disk can be paused and resumed, and, up to a point, canceled. A trash system is planned, whereby items deleted from a disk can be restored, even after changes have been written to it. Also planned is drag-and-drop between different disks in open instances of GCEdit, and import and extract via drag-and-drop.

Featurefulness. Importing files into the disk and extracting them from it are already supported, along with disk compression and decompression and file search (including RegEx support). Future plans include a multi-paned view of the filesystem to make transferring files between directories easier.


Again, this is an early release, so expect bugs and general instability, and not many features. Most of the important stuff should work, though.

Note that a Windows binary is not yet available; this will have to wait until I've managed to get PyGTK 3 working in Windows (or someone else has).

Releases can be found at Launchpad.


0.4.0, Linux

main window

0.3.0, Linux

disk loader

preferences window, interface tab

preferences window, advanced tab

find window

write progress window