Guild Wars 2 builds

Builds for Guild Wars 2. This is not intended to cover every profession, game mode, role or playstyle: of the builds I've put together, these are just the ones I liked enough to maintain. However, specifically for boon-sharing in raids, I've collected a few builds from other people, to cover all the roles.

None of these builds use attribute infusions. If you have some of those, you might benefit from changing some of the other gear.


Suitable for use in: casual raids, casual organised fractals.

Power DPS

Critical hit chance is optimised for raids, not fractals.

Condition DPS


Boon support

Boon duration is optimised for raids, not fractals. See also the list of raid compositions.

Hybrid role

Other builds may fill multiple roles, but they're optimised primarily for one role over the others. These builds, on the other hand, aren't fully optimised for any single role.

Specialised role


Suitable for use in: unorganised fractals, dungeons, open world.


Open World

Suitable for use in: open world, dungeons.